The “Next” Step

I wanted to expound on some of my thoughts about the “next step”. You might be saying, the next step towards what? And the answer really is anything you can name – anything you want, need, would like to accomplish.

The hardest thing we humans do is to take action. We talk ourselves out of it. We argue for our own limitations. We reach these pre-determined outcomes and say “what’s the point, it won’t work”. Still life continues to move forward.

A lot has been written about “the time is going to pass anyway”, so you “might as well do___”. That’s true, but the thing that is really helpful? Take the first step. Do it scared. Do it doubtful. Do it anyway. The reason is because the next step will become apparent, and the next. And the universe, or God, or whatever you believe in terms of life forces, will help you along the way. Things will fall into place in a way you would never have predicted before you started.

The thing is we can’t see all the scenery of our journey from the starting point. We have to move forward, step by step, and the picture will change. The direction that seemed general before becomes acutely clear.

What is it that you want? We are given this one precious life, why are we not running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?

This is why I started this blog. I want to hold myself accountable to this philosophy. I want to “just start” more things that I have talked about for years. I also see that as my husband and I move towards the major dream this blog is inherently about, that things keep falling into place. Some of the things as I reported, already complete, but with those out of the way I am free to keep working on my other obstacles. There is a saying among stoics – “The obstacle is the way”, and when you start applying this to your life it’s my belief you will exceed your wildest dreams.

What are things you think about as you read this post? Leave your answers in the comments.

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