If you are wondering about our logo…

When I began creating this blog, it was with the journey in front of us in mind. Not just the actual traveling all over we will begin in the fall; but all the preparation, inner work, hitting our learning curves, etc. In my mind, life is never really linear. We learn about something only to revisit it later and see it with new eyes. Sometimes we think we know something, and we find out we only knew a speck of what we needed. Life never fails to try and humble us along the way.

We tend to spend a lot of time kicking ourselves over these perceived failures when we could just embrace the mess by having a growth mindset. Everything that happens makes us wiser. We should simply strive to do our best while having compassion for ourselves. We are always on our way to something new – good, bad, or ugly. Through life’s greatest pains, joys, failures, successes, surprises, and disappointments we are being molded towards our highest selves.

The idea that I am seeking freedom is not just about not working 9-5. It’s about creating a life I am excited about. Dropping the norms of what life should look like and investigating what I want it to look like. It may not be the most glamorous one based on societies ideals. That’s why I decided that I would create the logo myself. Could it be better? Oh, I am sure it could be – but it’s a perfect expression to me. And, right now this is about creating rather than having everything the most beautiful.

I am trading my perfectionism for vulnerability in hopes of better connections with those around me. Freedom from allowing my own voice not to quieted for fear of the judgement of others. Freedom to live in a way I have created and not have been told was the right way. Freedom to take risks without fear.

Onto figuring out my next chapter, not worrying what it looks like as I figure it out, and embracing the mess.

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    • I am going to get better at commenting. I still don’t entirely know what I am doing in this software, I am hoping to have more time with it once my job is over. Thanks for the comment about the logo! It’s my brain too!


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