8/7-8/14/21: From WVU to Cuyahoga National Park

We started the week moving our son to Morgantown to attend WVU.  This experience can only be described as physically and emotionally exhausting . I had fooled myself into believing I was going to be fine. I was excited for him and he doesn’t give us a lot of reasons to worry. Oh how I … Read more

New Decisions

The time is drawing near and we are so excited we could explode! Thank goodness it’s going quickly! Probably because we are so busy with all the transitioning! Getting rid of our things has been a very time consuming and arduous process. We have held one sale so far and some people walked off with … Read more

Big News!

We have found our first RV! We are in the process of purchasing it! In the last couple of years we have done a lot of looking around. In 2019, we attended “America’s largest RV show” in Hershey, PA. Most all manufacturers are there so you have a chance to see the floor plans and … Read more

The “Next” Step

I wanted to expound on some of my thoughts about the “next step”. You might be saying, the next step towards what? And the answer really is anything you can name – anything you want, need, would like to accomplish. The hardest thing we humans do is to take action. We talk ourselves out of … Read more