Big News!

We have found our first RV! We are in the process of purchasing it!

In the last couple of years we have done a lot of looking around. In 2019, we attended “America’s largest RV show” in Hershey, PA. Most all manufacturers are there so you have a chance to see the floor plans and finishes. We spent a full two days there touring hundreds of RV’s to try and decide what was most important to us.

We knew we would like to have a 5th wheel. They arguably feel the most like a home and offer the most space. At the time, we thought we would want to carry a side-by-side, but we have since decided to take our Suzuki Burgman Scooter. We also like the idea of having that “garage” kind of space. Knowing us, we will need that kind of storage.

As we explored the show, it was evident the downside of the toy haulers was obviously sacrificing living space. However, we found that the Forest River Riverstone has a model in which the garage is located under the bed. The bed can be lifted up or let down depending on what you are hauling and how much room you want between you and the ceiling. We also liked the finishes such as the all wood cabinets and the hand laid tile. The layout was also a bonus. We love that living room was in the middle so the ceilings are high. The kitchen is also in the front, in it’s own separate area. We decidedly liked that better than the set up in which the living space and kitchen are one space.

Meet our 2019 Forest River Riverstone 39FK.

We debated on whether to wait and purchase one new, but we had read so many things about letting a previous owner work out the kinks and take the financial hit of taking it off the lot. There also appears to be a shortage right now due to COVID-19 so we were not really sure how long it would take to order one. Mostly though, we wanted the savings that a slightly used one had to offer and we actually found this close to home – about an hour away.

We had already purchased a Chevy Silverado 3500.

Now, how am I supposed to contain myself with this piece of the puzzle put into place? I imagine we will spend some times getting it outfitted, and we will do some fun long weekends in the near future. Let the adventures begin.

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