I try and remember that in life, anything is possible. It’s cliche but like most cliches it’s true. When we align our choices and actions with our goals the next step will always appear. And, if you are listening you will receive feedback on your direction through recognizing synchronicity, your emotions and intuition, and things we think about as dumb luck. I also wanted to share the different synchronicity that I see in my own life as examples for spotting it in your own as you are figuring out your own path.

My name is Laura. Ed and I have been married for almost 20 years. We have 3 kids. The oldest two are grown and married, the youngest has just started college. We are entrepreneurs – mostly in the area of real estate investing.  When we started this blog we both still had ou our day jobs.  I was able to leave mine in July. Our dream is total freedom. We recently sold our home and all of our belongings and purchased a fifth wheel RV.  We have been traveling since August.

We are still figuring out how to make our business grow but want to continue to keep traveling as much as possble. a

I love to hike, run, kayak, basically anything outdoors. We are also both music concert enthusiasts. I am hoping we can chase 70 degree weather all over the country. Ed and I are best friends, we get along well, and while I imagine we will sometimes feel a little more isolated from others and potentially claustrophobic at times, I expect this experience will be fun, harmonious, and deepen our relationship further. So far that’s proven to be true.

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